Wayne Smith, Week 4 in MKMMA

Today I start with the positive things. Tuesday while doing my “sit” after reading scroll I and listening to part 4 with Mark making it make sense, I started at 12:30, I went into what I can only describe as an “Inner-Body Experience”. I heard the clock chime the quarter hour, knew I had about […]

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A little bit about me.

Born and raised in Texas. A dreaded White Anglo – Saxon Protestant Male. Three times married, three times divorced, and most importantly, three times brush with death. If anything makes you reevaluate your future, values, and priorities nothing beats waking up in a hospital bed. Somebody was trying to get my attention, and brother, was […]

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Wow just doesn’t seem to be a good enough declaration for this week. The reading, sitting, thinking, releasing; the new furrows referred to in Scroll l,  I didn’t realize that meant in my brain. I have had a brain ache for the last few days. I really ramped up my chore (extract myself from the […]

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Week 2 Take 2

I don’t understand this image problem i keep having as far as importing a photo to my profile. I now have in Gravatar, WordPress, Facebook.Twitter(it even disappeared for a short while on Twitter) and LinkedIn, but every time I try to import my picture to my profile for MKMMA nada. Thursday, what a day! I […]

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Week 2 MKMMA, Wayne

I got Published. Week one went into a draft status and after days of trying to find the confirmation e-mails, went through every file in my in-box, found all of them in a file I have no idea how they went there, clicked confirmation—–BAM—I’m published. YAYYYY!!! In week two I have spent most of my […]

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Week 1 MKMMA

Boy, what a week! It is definitely going to get easier and harder from here. Setting up different accounts, technical glitches, typing like a beginner(I am one), HATING computers, I think I may have chipped a tooth from gritting so much and no matter how loud I scream and curse at the computer it still […]

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