Week 9 MKMMA,Wayne Smith

Blah Friday, I have learned a whole lot this week. I started going over the Master Keys, and GS, watched the videos again. It’s interesting how much you overlooked, missed, ¬†failed to realize. ¬†Starting over to get the shapes, colors, cards and make the connections, for me, and maybe I’m just slow, has made this […]

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Week 8 MKMMA Wayne Smith

I Quit! ¬† Last night, I quit. I was so upset at my lack of effort and seeming lack of time and motivation. My challenges and obstacles this last week, two weeks have over-whelmed me, I saw no other choice, give up. And I cried, I wept, I seethed at myself for failing. I hated […]

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MKMMA Week 6 Wayne Smith

Computers,computers, you don’t want my opinion on computers. There is a learning curve for everything, I am getting better. I will get better. I will create a blog that looks as beautiful as I want it to, I can learn how, I will learn how. Week 6; For the first time, with one notable exception, […]

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Waynesmith week5 mkmma No Opinions

Without putting my opinion into everything I write leaves me with either “just the facts, ma’am” or (Oh No! ) my…my…my feelings (aaahh!). What are these people trying to do to me? Why, don’t they know that is the most forbidden portion of my life? It’s probably about the dreaded “Old Blueprint”. Reminds me of […]

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