Week 13, Gratitude

As an observation rather than an opinion, this was easier. I found so many things to be grateful for compared to what I do right. The exercise of writing who and what I’m thankful for, only three, a day, I went ahead and wrote two copies like the affirmations. Two piles, two cards. Now I […]

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Week 12, Part 2

With the changes in perspective so many thoughts have run through as if unleashed, effect, cause, cause, effect. So liberating. When I began my purpose was to find my purpose in life. Now I have found the purpose and I am working on the plan. Writing the index cards of what I have done right […]

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Week 10 MKMMA Wayne Smith

Forgiveness, The word for this week has to be forgiveness. Mostly for and of myself.     Chapters 9 & 10  of MKS took me down the rabbit hole of memories, of mistakes Sins of Omission, Sins of Commission. It’s funny how the memory works, I wouldn’t think that “World with-out and World with-in” , […]

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