Week 18, MKMMA A lesson on the lessons.

This past Saturday my older son managed to finance himself into a new car. I counseled him to wait, do his taxes and use the return for a down payment, see if he could get a loan from the bank. The usual parental advice.

He explained that the car had been a buddy of his that the buddy traded in and he could get employee discount on the car by financing through the dealership, and (here it is) He wanted it.

My mouth fell open to say something when all we have gone over in the class rushed into my brain, I shut my mouth and rather than spout objections the only thing I could say was how can I help you make it happen?

He had a desire, he spoke that desire to the Universe and I felt the resources of the world moving to bring about this want. There was so much of the teaching of Haanel, Hill and Mandino, being applied and he was doing it so naturally. It took most of the day which for me was a good thing as I love any time with my boys and the three of us were together till late and all of the paperwork was signed with the exception of the insurance company, which we did on Monday so we picked up the car that night and showed it to several of his friends. He even let Dad drive it. Wow, he made it look so easy.

Onward to the Future.


2 thoughts on “Week 18, MKMMA A lesson on the lessons.

  1. The beauty is that were it not for the Master Keys, you would not have recognized what was happening before your very eyes! You have eyes to see, and ears to hear. Be blessed!


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