Week 20,What am I pretending not to know?

After yesterday’s post on the MKMMA Alliances about the five emotions that sabotage our lives, I could not sleep well last night. As if I had pulled a thread on the pouch that held all of my repressed memories and feelings unraveled while I lay in bed the whole crux of the course came to my assistance. An old hurt or anger would rear it’s head and roar of my pain and Unworthiness. I would observe the recollection, ask “what is there to learn from this, does it help me, thank you for reminding me you are dismissed” implementing the lines of Mandino that yesterday is buried, I have today.

Today, throughout the day, more of these jumped out of the bag and I fended them off such that I had the thought of the Golden Buddha covered in cement, but this cement was inside,  weighing me down. What had been mental constipation had turned to the other sort of stuff and kept running out, unraveling the bag of hidden hurts back to the days of elementary school. I had a few good laughs at myself sometimes as I began to feel lighter in spirit. This is probably the first time I have forgiven me.

What Would The Person I Intend to Become DO NEXT?  WHAT am I pretending not to Know?  How do I use these energies as tools?  Tune in to the Webinar on Sunday for the exciting answers from the Devine Davene, I mean Fabulous Davene, and Mark J.

Onward to the Future.



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