Week 21, MKMMA. I’m Picking up Good Vibration.

With the exercise of asking “what am I pretending not to Know? ” and “What would the person I intend to Become DO NEXT? ” I have found that I have been pretending to get over being angry, hurt, unworthy, guity, and don’t forget Fear.

Friends of mine over the years have remarked how quickly I could calm down, that I was like a duck on the water.  Well, yeah, I was. You saw the gentle exterior whilst underneath the pot boiled.  I was amazed how much stuff was bagged up. Then our assignment to use these energies as tools and share in the Alliances it was as if I pulled a string of Crochet,  a little at a time memories came to mind.

I was rather disappointed when the Webinar on Sunday didn’t delve into turning these things into tools, but once again Mark and Crew worked their magic by focusing on miracles. At first I was so dialed in on getting the lesson I wanted a great deal of the things that were presented went right on bye. Fortunately I listened to the replay a few times in the next days and those sneaky guys really did show how to use not the emotions but the reactions to situations, just like Og said we would do in the first scroll.

I also found myself having difficulty with the sit this week and went back through the reading of the master key exercises and found that I was out of alignment physically which kept me from relaxing totally. I found myself functioning around part 12 level, but after a good massage to work out the kinks and a day to recuperate from the deep tissue manipulation I am ready to go again.

To the Future.


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