Week 22,MKMMA; Emotions

Today I am the master of my emotions. I couldn’t read the verse as it was written with any sincerity, after two attempts the translation just came out of my mouth. I have used Mark’s admonition to use “Inthooossiaamm” when reading scroll 6, and since we eliminate the “will” my mind balked.

Winter has gone,  the birds have arrived,  flowers are blooming!  Grandma is off her meds,  Grandma is back on her meds. The cycle of change spins quickly, like a dot of whiteout on the rim of a 45 record, keeping life interesting what with the timing of the scroll along with the irony of Karma. This month’s reading could not have come to encourage and guide me more beautifully as a reminder to be an observer. In the morning it has been a pleasure to hear the Cardinals call from the tops of the trees budding forth, I have seen honey bees working the clover springing up as I take Mandino outside to do my reading and it is a nice moment.

I mentioned to my tribe guide, Valeska, about the three constants in my life with Grandma, Constant Complaining, Constant Criticizism, and Constantly Condemnation. Her advice was to not play the game but return Constant Compassion and I thank her tremendously for such wonderful counsel.

Since the webinar I have reduced my use of technology even though the only email, twitter or Facebook I have looked at for the last several months have been from MKMMA, with few exceptions. I have also been working on the Silence. Getting my ” Monkey ” mind to settle down, relax totally, and concentrate on the questions of what am I pretending not to know, and what would my future me do next?  Only to have “Her” come in, or beat on the door, wanting to know if I am alright, why am I just sitting there?  Another attempt thwarted.

So I think of my successes, I sing, I laugh, I say silently I love you and I take care of Grandma.  Today I begin a new life. I greet This Day with love and I persist until I succeed for I am one of Nature’s greatest miracles and this day may be my last.

Onward to the Future. Wayne.


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