Week 22, MKMMA. Attitude of Gratitude.

What am I pretending not to Know? I have to have Gratitude, accept 100% Responsibility for the circumstances of my life as they are.

Responsibility: the ability to respond to a situation or circumstance. I have beaten myself up with feelings of Unworthiness and regret for past Everything, it just doesn’t change any of it. By using the Sit to observe what I have done in the past along with a huge dose of forgiveness, mostly of me, I now realize that the hidden source of most of my unhappiness is a lack of gratitude. Just this morning I heard a sermon of how to be a leader I have, HAVE, to be WILLING TO submit myself to the authority of another and be submissive to the authority of the other, AND be grateful, yeah grateful, for the opportunity to serve the of service. That hurt.

No, I deserve better. No, not me.           Let someone else be submissive.  Submissive means being weak, I don’t want to be weak. Gratitude? What do you think, I’m ungrateful?  Not ME .

Jesus was willing to wash the feet of his disciples, and said unless you are willing to humble yourself and serve as the least you can not be the greatest.  Ugh. This means me. Me.

Onward to the Future.


4 thoughts on “Week 22, MKMMA. Attitude of Gratitude.

  1. Gratitude is part of being a responsible follower of Christ! Isn’t amazing how all falls in to place as we submit to the Lord. Wayne you are amazing! I am grateful for your example! May the Lord bless you.


    1. Mutual admiration society meeting will now come to order! You, Valeska, Cassandra, are a bright light in the abyss of my life. (How’s that for dramatic? ) I will say that I have come to cherish or conversation on the tribe call and through this medium. I am very Grateful for you.


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