MKMMA, WEEK 23. Who put that boulder in my pathway?

I know it’s late and I have been retracing my steps through the reading, exercises trying to find how I overlooked Gratitude.

Gratitude as a cause,  my guide called it. Back into the books and workbook, yeah there’s a law of gratitude, but for a cause?  Thinking on this one. Sitting on it too. Haanel didn’t say to concentrate on gratitude just that without it I blocked the flow of Cosmic energy.

So how did this huge obstacle get in my way after all this time of sitting and being thankful and forgiving and observing?  Wham!  I am to not only be thankful for what I have received But for what I am going to receive. Ugh.  What am I pretending not to Know?  Oh, Gratitude isn’t an effect Only, I can use it like the tools we studied earlier to expand our Comfort Zone.  DOAH!

Not only do I start a new life today, with love in my heart, I have Gratitude and Thanksgiving in my heart!

As the course turns to a new beginning I must acknowledge my appreciation for the last six months and I wish to express my Gratitude to the person that paid it forward so that I could be in the Master Keys Experience, Trish, Davene, Mark, Valeska, and my teammates, mastermind group, everyone for an experience that I have not been able to find anywhere else. Thank You to all.

Forward to the Future.


2 thoughts on “MKMMA, WEEK 23. Who put that boulder in my pathway?

    1. It really hurt my feelings to find I overlooked this. I thought I was doing it. I was and am grateful for everything in my life, I just wasn’t being thankful for what I am going to receive.
      Glad to have a team to point out the best way.

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