Week 13, Gratitude

As an observation rather than an opinion, this was easier. I found so many things to be grateful for compared to what I do right. The exercise of writing who and what I’m thankful for, only three, a day, I went ahead and wrote two copies like the affirmations. Two piles, two cards. Now I […]

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Week 8 MKMMA Wayne Smith

I Quit!   Last night, I quit. I was so upset at my lack of effort and seeming lack of time and motivation. My challenges and obstacles this last week, two weeks have over-whelmed me, I saw no other choice, give up. And I cried, I wept, I seethed at myself for failing. I hated […]

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MKMMA Week 6 Wayne Smith

Computers,computers, you don’t want my opinion on computers. There is a learning curve for everything, I am getting better. I will get better. I will create a blog that looks as beautiful as I want it to, I can learn how, I will learn how. Week 6; For the first time, with one notable exception, […]

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Waynesmith week5 mkmma No Opinions

Without putting my opinion into everything I write leaves me with either “just the facts, ma’am” or (Oh No! ) my…my…my feelings (aaahh!). What are these people trying to do to me? Why, don’t they know that is the most forbidden portion of my life? It’s probably about the dreaded “Old Blueprint”. Reminds me of […]

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A little bit about me.

Born and raised in Texas. A dreaded White Anglo – Saxon Protestant Male. Three times married, three times divorced, and most importantly, three times brush with death. If anything makes you reevaluate your future, values, and priorities nothing beats waking up in a hospital bed. Somebody was trying to get my attention, and brother, was […]

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Wow just doesn’t seem to be a good enough declaration for this week. The reading, sitting, thinking, releasing; the new furrows referred to in Scroll l,  I didn’t realize that meant in my brain. I have had a brain ache for the last few days. I really ramped up my chore (extract myself from the […]

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