Week 17, part2; The Abyss

I just read in an email “we didn’t come this far just to come this far”, Kharma, huh. I have to agree, we who are on the Heroes Journey have answered the Herald call, started as reluctant “students”, gained guides and mentors, faced (here I go with the quotes again) “dragons” and now we have arrived to the Abyss. Welcome to the Hotel California. We haven’t come this far, just to come this far.

The Guides are guides because they have come this way before, they know what is ahead, they have seen it, but We have to experience the same wonder for ourselves. On the webinar, Davene said, some will choose to return to the known and some will stay in the abyss of confusion, and some will carry on. Not a direct quote.

We have not, I have not, come this far Only to come this far!


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Week 16, Kindness

I don’t know if you would consider it a kindness, but I sure do. My son called me from his job Thursday night. He was working late to finish a car in his bay at the Dealership where he is an Automotive Technician, but there was a part to put on that was too heavy […]

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Week 15 Forgiveness

As I was doing my Sit today it started to rain, forty five minutes later I woke up from a lovely dream.  Like waiting at a rock concert for the gates to open I was with friends I haven’t seen for twenty years or more, but we were all glad to be there. I had […]

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Week 14, Free Time

Without a webby I went back and listened to the audio from week 1, took out the book, read along with the audio again for weeks 1-3. Such clarity!  Things I had read and thought I understood were crystal clear this time.  Not bragging, just saying, each week when we start a new chapter I […]

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Week 13, Gratitude

As an observation rather than an opinion, this was easier. I found so many things to be grateful for compared to what I do right. The exercise of writing who and what I’m thankful for, only three, a day, I went ahead and wrote two copies like the affirmations. Two piles, two cards. Now I […]

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Week 12, Part 2

With the changes in perspective so many thoughts have run through as if unleashed, effect, cause, cause, effect. So liberating. When I began my purpose was to find my purpose in life. Now I have found the purpose and I am working on the plan. Writing the index cards of what I have done right […]

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